Frequently Asked Questions


What should I do to be successful in the CMOx Accelerator?

Review the information below to learn how to navigate the CMOx Accelerator, including…

  • The Education Portal – that’s where you are now. It contains all the existing trainings and tools for building your fractional CMO business. 
  • The Lab – our Discourse discussion forum where you’ll connect with your fellow fractional CMOs and receive written coaching support from the CMOx team.
  • Group Coaching Calls – the live group events hosted on Zoom where we answer your questions, workshop your skills, and provide trainings for you to upgrade your fractional CMO practice.

Here are the Highlights:

  • Watch the Monthly What’s Happening videos on the Home Page and review the Events Calendar to learn about the different trainings and growth opportunities coming up in the community.
  • Block time to attend the weekly calls to get support when you need it. All events are recorded and shared in the Lab in about one business day following the event. Make particular effort to attend the quarterly Accelerate Workshops to create your quarterly strategies to grow your and your clients’ businesses.
  • Focus on consuming the trainings that will support you in taking your Right Next Step to grow your business – you’ll receive your action steps in your Game Plan call. When you’re not sure what to do next, ask for help in the Lab.
  • Complete the Speed of Implementation Report at the end of each two-week sprint and the Revenue Tracker at the end of each month – these reports provide us with valuable insight into your progress and success in your fractional CMO journey so we can take initiative in supporting you. You’ll be prompted to do so at the right time when you log into the Lab.
  • Do not reply directly to Lab messages from your email inbox – they’ll go to a No-Reply email and no one will see it. Please reply to Lab messages directly in the Lab, and tag @CMOxCoaches to ensure that we see your questions.

Still have questions? Search for an answer below, or contact to get support or suggest an addition to the FAQs list.

How do I get help with my account or technical support?

Email for any technical or account-related questions – for example, you’re unable to access the Lab, or you need to update your credit card.

How do I get access to the Lab?

To get access to the Lab, follow these steps:

  1. Click “Lab” in the navigation bar above – this triggers the Lab User account creation email to be sent.
  2. In your inbox, open the email with the subject line “[CMOx Lab] Confirm your new account” email from – then click the link in that email.
  3. You’ll be taken to a confirmation page and your Lab User will be set up.

If you encounter any issues along the way, contact for support.

How do I get written support when I have questions about building my fractional CMO practice?

Start a new post under the appropriate category – Attract for bringing in leads, Convert for winning a sales conversation, and Serve for delivering on your contract with a client. Give your topic a descriptive title and enough detail about the situation so we can respond.

Use the tags @CMOxCoaches to notify the CMOx team and @CMOx-Members to notify the community. 

If your question is sensitive in nature and you want to ask privately, reach out to us in your Game Plan message thread.

What events should I attend?

We host regular group coaching events to help you attract, convert, and serve your clients. We encourage you to attend as many calls as you can to get the most value, but don’t worry, you don’t have to join all of them to succeed as a fractional CMO! Join the ones that are most relevant to your Right Next Steps. All group calls are recorded and shared in the Lab about 1 business day after the event.

The main types of calls are…

  • Solve Bigger Problems
    • Join Casey every other Tuesday to focus on solving bigger problems for your clients and in your own business. Bring your client service questions as the primary focus, or ask questions about how to win clients
  • Closed Won Clients
    • Join Raphael every other Thursday to jam on getting sales ready and winning your first (or second or third) $10k/mo client. 
  • Accelerate Your Business
    • Each quarter, Casey leads you through our quarterly planning process to grow your fractional CMO business. 
  • Accelerate Your Clients
    • Each quarter, Casey leads you through our quarterly planning process to build your 90-day marketing strategy to create predictable growth for your biggest client (or, if you don’t have a client, you can practice the process by imagining a real business that you want to win). 

We also host other events to provide new tools for serving your clients or to workshop particular parts of the Attract and Convert process. Subscribe to the Events Calendar and watch the monthly What’s Happening videos on the Home Page or in the Lab to learn what events and growth opportunities are coming up.

What is the Quarterly Sprint process? Am I getting something in the mail?

We organize our growth goals for our own businesses and our clients into 90-Day Quarters and 2-Week Sprints. 

Each quarter, we’ll lead you through the quarterly planning process to create 90-day strategies to grow your business or create predictable growth for your clients in the Accelerate Your Business or Accelerate Your Clients workshops. 

Accelerate Your Clients takes place a few weeks before the end of the fiscal quarter so you can create your marketing strategy and present it to your client by the end of the fiscal quarter. Accelerate Your Business takes place about 6 weeks later so that your planning cycle for your business is offset from your clients.

You’ll receive print materials in the mail for each Accelerate workshop, and you can find that material in digital form on the Workbook Page

If your mailing address changes, please email your new mailing address to .

Then we divide our quarterly goals into 2-week sprints to break down those goals into manageable chunks. We’ll ask you to share what you’ve accomplished and what outcomes you’re committed to achieving in the next sprint through the Speed of Implementation Report. Complete this report in about 5 minutes each sprint to let us know where you’re at so we can provide support.

How do I search for trainings in the Education Portal?

If you know the specific training you’re looking for, type the name into the search bar and hit enter.

If you’re not sure what your Right Next Step is or what to watch next, post in the Lab with what you’ve done so far and ask for guidance.